Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt Products

When the winter weather really begins to bring the temperatures down ice may start forming on your driveway and walkways making it all but impossible to go anywhere or do anything. You have to remove the ice but you want to do so in a way that will not harm your children, your pets, or Mother Earth. What you need are some environmentally safe ice melt products.
While the old stand by for melting the winter ice is rock salt or other types of salt-based products if you look on the labels you will see warnings. These warnings will be about how the salts are potentially hazardous to children, pets, and the planet.
To stay 100 percent on the eco-friendly side you can always try to get traction over melting and use kitty litter that is biodegradable or sand in order to get a good grip. However, when these products aren’t enough and you have to get the ice to go away then you can use one of these environmentally friendly ice melt products:
Sure Soft is 100 percent salt free and contains meting agents that are not harmful to your children, pets, or the planet. Available at a number of stores throughout the cold regions of the country this is the perfect non-harmful ice melt product. To make a good product great, the makers of Sure Soft recently added a traction agent that will help you get a good grip while the ice is being melted.

everestmaterialhandling.comĀ is a website that is dedicated to selling a huge variety of environmentally ice melt products for both residential customers and commercial customers. Their products vary in ingredients and they have both granular products as well as liquid products. Their website is filled with tons of information and they seem to have a product for and size job and budget.
While it may not seem like salt would be harmful it is in fact very harmful. Salt mixed with melted ice gives you corrosive salt water. Salt in your plants gives you dead plants. Most importantly, salt and your pet or children in those doses can be dangerous.
There is simply no need to use corrosive and dangerous rock salt ice melt products when there is such a great variety of environmentally friendly ice melt products that can be purchased. Protect the planet and your family by making sure your snow removal and ice melt products are eco-savvy and eco-safe.

The Paithani Saree – A Poem In Silk

The Paithani saree is known the world over for its uniqueness. It is one of the most beautiful sarees in the world. Beautifully crafted, with an exquisite zari border, this saree is truly a poem in silk. The Paithani saree is chosen by brides to wear on their special day, especially in Gujarati and Maharashtrian families.

The Paithani sarees are mostly woven in Paithan in Maharashtra. Yeola, Pune, Nasik and Malegaon in Maharashtra are the other centres where weaving of Paithani sarees is undertaken. These sarees were initially woven specially for queens and other members of the royal family by weavers in the palaces. However, with the passage of time, these sarees are now easily available both in India and internationally.

In an original Paithani saree, pure silk is used in the weaving of the body and pure gold and silver zari is used in the pallu and the border. The zari used in the preparation of the saree is specially procured from Surat in Gujarat. The process of preparation of a Paithani saree can take a time period ranging from a month to years. It is because of these reasons that this saree is rather expensive. To bring down the price of these sarees, weavers are using silver instead of gold and silk in place of silver.

Traditionally, Paithanis used to have a plain body with a heavy golden border and a large pallu. However, with the passage of time, various motifs began to be used in these sarees.

Though modern-day weavers are trying to develop newer and innovative motifs, usually traditional motifs are used in Paithani sarees. The most commonly used motifs in the body of these sarees are ?kamal? (lotus flower), ?hans? (swan), ?asharfi? (coin), ?asawalli? (flowering vine), ?Bangadi mor? (peacock in bangle), ?rui phool? (cotton flower), circles, stars and clusters of leaves. In the pallu of such sarees, certain motifs are very commonly found. Some of them are ?Asawali?, ?Panja? (a flower in a geometrical shape), ?Muthada? (a geometrical shape), and ?mor? (peacock).

Paithani sarees are woven in a number of colors. These colors can be pure or be created using a blend of different colored yarns. The colors that are typically used in these sarees are ?kaali chandrakala? (black), ?uddani? (lighter black), ?pophali? (yellow), ?neeligungi? (blue), ?pasila? (a combination of green, red and pink), ?pheroze? (a blend of green, white and red), ?samprus? (a mixture of green and red) and ?kusumbi? (a purple and red combination).

Artisans in Paithan have been practicing the art of weaving the Paithani saree for centuries, and this tradition has been passed on from one generation to another. MSSIDC i.e. Maharashtra Small Scale Industrial Development Corporation Limited was established in the year 1962.

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Custom Made Suits And Chicago Tailors

Perhaps, Chicago tailors are one of the most popular when it comes to custom made suits. A lot of them are now very popular in the fashion world. By searching through the internet, you will be able to find a lot of Chicago tailors that offer well made and elegant custom made suits at a very affordable price. Chicago was once known to be one of America?s centers for fashion. Their design is usually the clean cut and casual style which reflects the athletic and health conscious lifestyle of the American people. But they are also influenced by many different styles from other countries such as Italy, Britain, France, Switzerland and Asian countries. Today, the Chicago style citation is one of the most popular suit styles that you can see.

There are certain reasons why custom made suits are very popular, not only in Chicago, but also around the world. A person may not posses that perfect body structure, but wearing custom made suits can diminish that flaw. This is the reason that most people prefer to have custom made suits than buying suits that are sold at shopping centers. Fashion Stylists, tailors and dressmakers find ways to make a person look elegant just by wearing custom made suits. Fashion designers continue to create new fashion styles or designs. Tailors and dressmakers continue to make those custom made garments designed by those fashion designers. This is why we have a lot of styles and brands to choose from today.

But nothing really compares to custom made suits when it comes to the comfort that they give. Of course, they were made according to a person?s preferences along with the expertise of the tailor or dressmaker. Custom made suits reflect the person?s personality as well as it shows the capacity and expertise of the dressmaker or tailor in making those suits. This may be the reason why Chicago tailors became popular, not only in Chicago, but also around the world.

The Best Sources Of Baby Booties For Your Bundle Of Joy

Making the feet of your baby warm is not different from making your own feet warm. Since babies are really small, they are more susceptible to feeling the cold temperature right away. This means that even with a small draft, your infant will instantly shiver with cold. To prevent your child from feeling such discomfort, you need to provide him or her with the most comfortable clothing. Not only this, you also have to keep his or her feet warm with baby booties. The footwear of your baby is not only worn for protection from the cold. It is also provided to keep his or her feet and toes from physical harm. This goes especially if you are teaching your kid to walk.

There is a wide selection of baby booties in the market. They come in different colors, patterns, designs, and styles. The most common color for infant booties are pastels such as light yellow, pale pink, or baby blue. While these booties are very attractive and cute, you also need to buy a black pair of booties. The main reason for this is that black pairs go well with anything that you put on your kid. What is more, black baby booties are great for an ordinary day at home. It is not all the time that you take your baby out for a stroll at the park and you want him or her to look every bit like a star. When you are staying at home, it is best if you dress your infant simply. What can be more appropriate for white shirts and pants than a pair of black booties?

There are plenty of ways that you can come up with black booties for your little tot. The first is making your own pair. If you do not know how to do this, you can look up patterns on the Internet. There are also some arts and crafts stores that sell different types of sewing or crochet patterns. Making your own design of baby booties allows you to come up with creative footwear for your infant. What is more, you are assured that your baby will feel comfortable with it since you are the one that is making the booties. When you do not have enough time to sew or crochet footwear for your kid, you can always turn to a seamstress, who offers this kind of service.

Another way for you to come up with black baby booties is dying white booties. However, this is not an advisable thing to do since dyes are formulated with chemicals that might be harmful to the skin of your little one. There are probably dye products that contain lesser hazardous chemicals. But if you want to be sure altogether, you have to keep from making your baby wear dyed booties or clothes. Children are very sensitive to elements or compounds that contain harmful chemicals. This is why you should be wary of anything that you put on your kid.

The best place to find black booties for your infant is online. The Internet is filled with websites that sell baby clothing and baby booties. The best thing about some of these sites is that they offer baby stuffs at really low prices. Despite the fact that these clothing and footwear are affordable, their quality is not compromised. Aside from infant clothing and booties, you can also shop for toddler clothes. Children delight in anything that is attractive and come with beautiful designs. These are exactly what you will get from online retailers of baby stuffs.

The Trauma Of The Teen Bra

For the uninitiated buying a teenagers first bra can be something akin to a lingerie shop nightmare. Set the scene if you will. She want’s designer label one size fits all stick insects type stuff but you know that she needs proper support and something altogether more practical. Bet you can feel a teenage tantrum on the horizon some time real soon or adolescent hormones must have taken a quick vacation. So what do you do? You have a couple of options and the first (and easiest) is to give in to her every whim from now on which will set a precedent for the future whilst making a veritable rod for your own back. The other option would be to take her outside for a swift slap on the back of the legs but she’s a bit to old for all that now. Then again it would score you some superb embarrassment points anyway. No. The only sensible option is to assert your authority over your offspring.

You could point out the sense in the practical bra verses the poor fit of the designer stick insect version but I don’t see too much milage in that approach either. Anyway by this time she will be pointing out how her best friend Betty Whoeversheis was allowed to have the pretty designer bra and it fits her just fine. Then again your little darling has been telling you for ages that this friends parents are far more understanding than you and how she wishes you could be like them too. What you have now is deadlock. The pompous shop assistant is breathing down your neck and you are under extreme pressure to cave in to your daughters demands. Then the solution hits you like a bolt of lightning right between the eyes. Bribery!

Here’s the deal she wears the ex military style support I wouldn’t be seen dead in it bra for school and if she plays along and behaves like a model daughter you will bring her back for the designer poor fit stick insect version later. You never know there’s always a slim chance that before then the lingerie store could burn to the ground or the second coming may have taken place. Fat chance but stranger things have happened in the life of the average teenager. O.K. you have struck a deal and now you can all get on with the rest of your lives. You back to doing what parents do best, preventing teenagers from enjoying themselves under the guise of parental concern for their saftey whilst your darling daughter works out even more cunning ways to get her own way with you.

If you think all of that sounds like a major event spare a thought for all those single dads out there who have to go through the teen bra buying trauma without any backup at all. It’s going to be a case of sweaty palms at dawn and a quick foray into the local lingerie store. I reckon we all know who the winner will be in that scenario and they aren’t any older than fourteen years old either. Guys, my best advice to you is do your teen bra shopping online. Its safe, secure and more importantly totally discreet so you can shop for all that confusing lingerie stuff without the snotty shop assistant hovering around. If you get it wrong don’t worry because the great thing about the online lingerie stores is that most of them offer an excellent returns service too.

Complete The Look With Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are greatly seen in the marketplace and are sold very quickly. Even like other dresses it is also considered the staple of wardrobe. It?s must have for everyone to own leather jacket in their closet. In short can be said leather jackets complete the look.

The reason behind the vast demand of leather jackets is their versatile nature. They are best suited to make a setting in all environments. They are popular with all age group people be it child, young or old. Also they are untouched from gender bias and both men and women can enjoy their flavor. They make a great fashion statement for all. Motorcyclists are also great fan of leather jackets, as it protects them from getting hurt as well as impart stylish look.

Leather jackets come in various styles for different situations. They have comprised a great part of market. Even in online stores also they have made a great blast. Their myriad forms are leather blazers, leather coats, leather bombers, leather biker jackets, leather motorcycle jackets, leather cycle jackets etc. These all styles come for both men and women. Anyone can wear them.

Whether you are in office, party in the town, dating, doing dinner, party, wedding etc one-can easily go wearing leather jackets. As it comes in various forms, thus it?s sure to get the one that matches the occasion. Besides leather jackets can be paired with skirt, jeans, pants, trousers, suit etc. everyone. They make good pairs with all.

Leather jackets can be worn for a number of reasons. Some take it as a fashion icon and want to show of style in them, while others wear it as protection against cold. For some it is a formal outfit while others are fancied by its superstar look. Motorcyclists wear it in order to protect them while riding similarly getting stylish look. If by chance you fell from the bike then rugged leather biker jackets protects you by it getting damaged.

They also act as a great protector from the elements, like rain, wind and cold. By taking everything in them they work as a shield for you. There is no other quality material as leather. All above written qualities make leather a more superior choice than other materials.

Apart from qualities like practical and functional they also have sophisticated quality. Some are mad after them due to their sophisticated and fashionable look only. Soft by touch and stylish in appearance makes them very appealing to the eye. Fancy leather jackets are also much in furore. Lace details, epaulettes, raised patterns etc are all its fancy features. But nothing can exceed the look of simple leather jackets. Their simplicity is one of the great reasons why so many people love them.

Exclusiveness is another catching quality that flocks people towards leather jackets. It is the only one product that is not made cheaply whether it is natural or synthetic. They are made very extensively ensuring quality that will last for a long time.

Quality Money Clips And Cufflinks At Mensmetals

Are you looking for money clips, cufflinks and tie clips? If yes, you can visit today. Here you will get quality cufflinks and money clips. Our stainless steel and Titanium cufflinks will surely suit any collection and style. They give men a perfect look. We provide you exclusive, cautiously chosen and designed fashion accessory products for your partner. You can see true excellence and workmanship in our every piece of money clips. We use only high quality rating crystal, carbon fiber and metals. We not at all compromise excellence over cost.

struggles to offer people a great online experience for our respected customers. We provide topmost quality products to our customer. No need is there to shop anywhere for quality metals. It is because; our designers as well as purchasers are one look for the new trends in money clips and cufflinks. We believe in offering you with timeless and unique designs in Titanium tie clips, money clips out of which you can choose perfect one. Our main goal is to offer you the best cufflinks and tie clips actually fragile ourselves to style while catering to the stylish and trendy man. Our vision is to build on the honesty and struggle for superiority.
Sophisticated, modern and stylish dressing comes easy if equipped with the correct suggestion. By following the 12 rules that are given on , you can equip yourself with essentials of appropriate presentation on all the areas of your clothing. . we have everything from head to your toe and all things, which you want to get. We also have best gifts for your loved ones or partner. You can even join us on Twitter and Facebook and give us suggestion.
The collision of men?s accessories had gone a long way. If you have been living beneath a rock, wearing accessories become a fashionable and trendy thing that men have been dabbling into many decades. Only the rich family people used Quality money clips. Accessories make a theatrical effect on your look. In reality, these accessories make the look actually yours. All our cufflinks, collar stays, tie bars, and money clips provided at are engravable. Some of them are already engraved with the trademark logo of our website. Mensmetals does not provide individual engraving, but all the items still have room for individual engraving if preferred. Engraving queries are obtainable for particular big amount orders. For more queries on big amount orders, you can please click on Whole Sale option.

Designer Short Dresses: A Perfect Choice For Fashionable Women

Parties and celebrations are made stunning with gorgeous dresses. Designer dresses for women available in a plethora of shades, colours, patterns, designs and sizes sets the mood of the wearer for every occasion.

Fashionable array of short dresses with sleeveless, halter-tops, off-shoulder and one shoulder options is available in various lengths. Suitable for women of all stature, these dresses render a glamorous and sexy appeal. The beautiful adornments add a shimmering look to the attire and are worth being worn with dangling earrings, sparkling necklaces. Ideal for formal and casual parties, such dresses with matching high heels offers a slim and defined outline. An outstanding gamut of cocktail dresses trimmed with bows, lace, ribbons and ruffles efficiently updates the fashion quotient of today?s women. Embellished with jewels or hems on necklines and body, these are crafted from quality fabrics. The chic collection helps to hide the figure flaws, highlighting the feminine mood and appeal. Versatility of shapes and cuts makes them suitable for both slender and curvy figures. Innovative craftsmanship of designs is vividly portrayed in the range. The pioneering patterns and prints offer a stunning look to the wearer from head to toe. Available in attractive prices, these are right choice for cocktail parties and easily grab attention of the crowd. Providing a perfect way to stay on trend, the elegant clubbing dresses render a celebrity look. This eye-catching range matched with right attitude and confidence reflects the persona of the wearer.

Being the most preferred choice amongst adolescents and adults alike, these designer dresses can be further enhanced with suitable accessories. Available with varying necklines and lengths, the outfits in sequence works, prints, plain, net, glitter etc, are in high demand all across the globe. In fact, the outfits go well with other accessories such as heels, belts, jewellery and scarves etc.

Get Your Bridesmaids Some Great Bridesmades Dresses

The friends you have choosen as the bridesmaids on your wedding should look diferent and unique. So, if you are for shopping to get bridesmaid dresses then keep in mind that the shape and size of your friends differ from each other. The dress you choose should not disappoint your friends. Different styles and types of bridesmaids gowns are easily obtainable in various attractive colors.

A-shaped Bridesmaids gown having scooped necklines looks dazzling on any figure type. Women with heavy hips but a slim body would look gorgeous in A-line gown but always remember that neckline should emphasis more on the upper part of the body. Off-shoulders look alluring on women with this build. Full skirts and straight shaped gown can also be chosen. Always remember that the gown should never be tightly fitted as it will highlight the hips more.

Selecting a Bridesmaids dresses for women having a full waistline sometimes creates difficulty to select the bridesmaids? gown that will suit this type of figure. But if your bridesmaids? body structure is average then empire waist gown will undeniably look stunning on her. The gowns that draws attention to the waist area should be eluded like the princess gowns. Off-shoulders style suits well on women with this type of stature. Always try light jewelry and small earrings with this sort of dress.

Ball gowns looks elegant and glamorous on thin body as it helps out in highlighting the waist and flashing up the hips and buts. Stumpy neckline and broad or extensive skirts can also be chosen. Backless gown gives a stunning look to women with thin build. Putting on a heavy jewelry and an elegant bracelet makes spectacular appearance. Bridesmaids? dresses look exceptionally good on thin body if the selection of color of the dress is done in a right way.

Large figured women looks great in A-line shaped gowns. Basque waistline robe makes the bulky women look incredible. Opting for a V-shaped neck style with plain sleeves makes a wonderful combination. Colors like red and apple green help to look slim. If your Bridesmaid is having an hour-glass figure then avoid selecting dresses that gives stress on hips and bust. Straight-skirt gown and portrait neckline giving a V shaped look suits such figure well.

In peer shaped body the weight is stressed mainly on buts and thighs. Ball and princess gowns are the best for bridesmaids with this type of figure. Plain skirts add on beauty to their look. Try not to pick a gown which fits tight on the hips. ?V? shaped neck looks stunning on the women having smaller bust.

Bridesmaids dresses look gorgeous on this type of figure if the gown is of sweetheart neckline which should be preferred for women with this body. Strapless gown makes them look glamorous. Gowns containing falling necklines should be avoided for such figures. Bridesmaids dresses should be comfortable, therefore choose a fabric while keeping in mind which fabric will look good on your bridesmaid. Dress style and jewelry should be matched well. Heavy gowns look good with lighter jewelry. Always try to choose the dress first and then go for selecting the jewelry.

Camisole Spice Up

Are looking through your wardrobe, and finding out your lingerie selection seems a bit sparse. Well it might be time to bolster your lingerie wardrobe, with a elegant piece of lingerie that would happen to be the camisole. The camisole is a affordable starting place that will literally spice up your lingerie collection, with it’s simple but very sexy look. The camisole has been around for centuries, but only recently with new cuts, designs and materials it has been transformed from a standard undergarment to a very sexy piece of lingerie.

The camisole has long been consider undergarment of function, staying true to its simple design. Most camisoles have thin adjustable straps with a bras built in to maintain proper bust support with that very sexy braless look. It also has many varieties of necklines and cuts to choose from. Ranging from V-neck to the scoop, from exposed belly to it being covered.

Camisole also make great sleepwear. Coming in soft cotton, make them extremely comfortable. Light weight and loose fitting make it the the perfect sleepwear in the summer months. Be comfortable and sexy how can you go wrong?

The materials that are now used to make the camisole, and the variations of panties that often come with it has transformed the camisole into a very sexy piece of lingerie. Silk and satin are just a couple of elegant material that have made the camisole a must have in every women’s wardrobe. Cotton to more sheer materials maintain that sexy look without loosing any elegance. Camisole often come sets with a matching panty. Thongs, g-strings, hot short cuts to standard panties the variety of choices are endless.

Often costing much less than other types of lingerie, makes the camisole one of the most affordable types of lingerie. Versatile with many uses make the camisole an incredible bargain compared to other forms of lingerie.

So do not wait, spice up your lingerie collection with a camisole set. Find one that fits your needs. From being a comfortable piece of sleepwear, to being a very sexy piece of lingerie that will defiantly make a statement to your partner.